Eaton is your one-stop source for essential power infrastructure.  Whether you’re supplying power protection for small, medium, or large data centers; health care facilities or other environments, the Eaton static UPS family is truly “best in class.”  Both Chesapeake and Eaton are always working to ensure uptime and safeguard data.
Eaton UPS Solutions:
Eaton PowerXpert 9395 High Performance (200–1200 kW/kVA)
Eaton 9395 UPS (225-1100kVA)
Eaton 93PM UPS (20-400kW)
Eaton 9355 UPS (10-30kVA)
Eaton 9390 UPS (20-160kVA)

E1 DYNAMICS brings the American and Mexican market the most innovative and advanced Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply system (DRUPS), the NO-BREAK E1. Our mechanically coupled DRUPS system is designed for the highest reliability and most efficient system operation. Our UPS Solutions provide peace of mind for all your mission critical loads. Click here to see how the EURO-DIESEL® Diesel Rotary UPS works
E1 DYNAMICS Brochure

BTU Research
BTU Research technology keeps surveillance, transportation networking infrastructure and communications equipment operational 24/7. The future of “Always-On Power Everywhere” is here. Budget constraints and space limitations were often reasons end users would forego uninterruptible power to edge devices, but BTU’s “Uninterruptible Power (over Ethernet) Supply™” changes this entirely.