INDUSTRY’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE LINE OF UL TESTED 30-CYCLE AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCHES  Russelectric RTS Series automatic transfer switches are the most complete line of 480 VAC 30-cycle and 3-cycle UL tested switches available today.

Before Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. will allow a transfer switch to be listed with a short circuit rating, it requires that the switch be able to close in on the same amount of fault current as it can withstand.  All Russelectric RTS Series automatic transfer switches have been fully tested, listed, and labeled for 30-cycle and 3-cycle closing and withstand ratings under UL-1008. In applications where extremely high short circuit current is available, fuse protection is mandatory. When coordinated with current limiting fuses, Russelectric RTS Series transfer switches have UL listed closing and withstand ratings of 200,000 amperes.

Russelectric Automatic Transfer Switches RTS-30 Series
Bypass/Isolation Switches RTS-03 Series


Russelectric is the industry leader in obtaining UL listing for its medium-voltage transfer switchgear. All Russelectric RTS Series circuit breaker automatic transfer switches have been fully UL tested, listed, and labeled under UL 1008A. In addition, all Russelectric medium-voltage transfer switchgear (operating above 600 volts and below 15 kV) is listed per UL category “Circuit Breakers and Metal-Clad Switchgear Over 600 Volts (DLAH)”. It is also designed, manufactured, and tested to meet or exceed stringent IEEE, NEMA, and ANSI standards.

Russelectric RTS Series medium-voltage ATS’s are rugged, high-speed switching devices designed to transfer electrical loads from a normal power source to an emergency power source upon reduction or loss of voltage and to retransfer loads when normal power is restored.  Supervised by the advanced RPTCS microprocessor control, Russelectric Medium-Voltage Circuit Breaker Automatic Transfer Switches direct the flow of electric power through the carefully timed opening/closing of circuit breakers.

Russelectric Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker-Type ATS and Bypass/Isolation Switches RTS Series

System Features

  • All systems are UL listed
  • Selector switches for open/closed transition, automatic/manual paralleling of generator or utility sources, and automatic/manual retransfer to normal source provided
  • Active synchronization
  • Redundant PLC controls
  • Soft loading power transfer available
    System Operation

  • Choice of either momentary (100 milliseconds or less) paralleling with the utility or sustained paralleling for soft loading.
  • Paralleling of generator sets with the utility (upon return of the utility source after power interruption).
  • System testing in closed-transition mode with no interruption of the load. Generators are paralleled with the utility and the load is transferred to them. Upon completion of testing, the load is retransferred through closed-transition to the utility source without disturbance.
  • Configurable for peak shaving or utility-sponsored load curtailment programs.

Russelectric Power Control Systems