Switch Gear Solutions

Your equipment’s performance is vital, yes, but to maintain optimum performance your system itself needs to be protected. Switchgear solutions protect your sensitive electronic components in worst-case scenarios – power surges, spikes, brownouts, and other power quality problems.


CMC can design, build, and maintain switchgear solutions that come with trouble-free operation with a minimum of maintenance required. In order to maintain the high caliber of service CMC provides our clients we recently partnered with Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company (PEECO), specialists in premium quality switchgear and power control systems that can be manufactured to meet the spec of any power control project.


PEECO has specialized in premium quality standard and custom medium and low voltage switchgear systems for over 38 years. All systems are fully assembled and tested in Aston, PA in compliance with IEEE, IEC, ANSI, ISO 9001:2015, and UL standards and requirements. PEECO switchgear is always designed and built for personnel safety, easy access for maintenance and operation, and the ability for future expansion.

Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches
Voltages: 2.4kV – 35kV
Ampacity: 600A – 4000A
Short-circuit withstand ratings: 18-63kA
Metal-Clad or Metal-Enclosed
NEMA Construction Options: NEMA 1, NEMA 2, NEMA 3, NEMA 3R, or NEMA 4 and 4X designs available.
Insulation types: Air, SF6 Gas, or Vacuum.
PEECO Medium-Voltage-Switchgear

Low Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches
Voltages: 120V – 600V
Ampacity: 800A – 8000A
Short-circuit withstand ratings: Up to 100kA at 600v up to 200kA at 480V
NEMA Construction Options: NEMA 1, NEMA 2, NEMA 3, NEMA 3R, or NEMA 4 designs available.
UL 891 and UL1558 listed.
PEECO Low-Voltage-Switchgear

System Features Generator/Utility Paralleling Control Systems allow for paralleling of multiple facility generators as well as paralleling to utility for effective load transfer and more cost efficient powering of a facility. When needed, soft load controls can be applied instead of momentary connections (100mS or less) to allow for slower transfer of load between sources to prevent momentary voltage drops or electrical disruptions. Soft loading prevents potential transients as well as possible wear and tear to generators and power equipment. Such control systems can occur via an open or closed-transition transfer, however, closed-transition is recommended for minimizing the impact to site loads. These controls can also be applied to Peak Shaving, Load Curtailment, and Green Programs.

Control System Features

•Momentary (100mS or less) connection or soft load paralleling available.

•Automatic and Manual paralleling and load retransfer options provided.

•Automatic Synchronization of power sources.

•HMI operation interface screens available between 12-50 inches.

•Touchscreen HMI options available.

•PLC’s with redundancy capabilities.

•Configurable with both open and closed-transition.

•Integration of Load Curtailment and Peak Shaving Programs.

•Can coincide with Cogeneration/CHP or Prime Power control efforts.

PEECO Generator/Utility Paralleling Systems

E+I Engineering are a leading provider of electrical switchgear and power distribution systems, offering unique in-house integrated power solutions tailored specifically to client’s requirements.

HighPowerbar Aluminium

HighPowerbar Copper

iMPB UL 800

Medium Voltage


Modular Power Skids




At Chesapeake Mission Critical we recognize that when a power control system is off-line, you’re exposed to the very risks that the system was supposed to protect you from.

Chesapeake Mission Critical is committed to keeping its customers up and running with dependable, clean power.

In addition, CMC ATS & Switchgear Technician’s oversee system commissioning and start-up, factory service coordination, after market parts sales, and training.

If you wish to schedule modifications or maintenance services for your ATS equipment or Switchgear system, call Chesapeake Mission Critical at 240.264.1522 extension 1201.