By combining top-of-the-line products with expert services, Chesapeake Mission Critical is able to design and maintain solutions that best monitor and protect your facility from environmental and physical threats. We take the solution set to the next level with Data Center Optimization and Adaptive Control.

Welcome to data center monitoring made easy with PACKET POWER, the industry’s most widely used wireless power and environmental monitoring system. PACKET POWER products are simple to install, configure and manage, making it easier and less expensive for you to get the information you need to lower costs, avoid outages and improve operational effectiveness. Once the monitoring solution is in place, CMC quantifies energy efficiency opportunities, while recommending ways to further improve the data center thermals and airflow, including sub floor pressure.

PACKET POWER wireless monitors make instrumenting a facility faster, simpler and less expensive. However, standard wireless protocols such as WiFi and ZigBee often fail to provide acceptable performance and stability. PACKET POWER utilizes a custom-developed wireless network protocol that is built specifically and solely for data center monitoring. This advanced design has been proven to deliver “wireless that works” in data centers worldwide.

The result of CMC teaming with PACKET POWER is a significant and quantifiable improved energy efficiency for our customers.

PACKET POWER Technology Overview