Our Services

At Chesapeake Mission Critical (CMC) we strive to provide you with the most advanced and reliable Mission Critical solutions, processes, & procedures with the most innovative and efficient products in the industry.

Our business is broken into (3) three distinct divisions:

  1. Manufacturer’s Representative – Product focus
  2. Design Build – Installation Focus
  3. Service Contract  Management – Maintenance Focus

It is our goal to handle every aspect of the project (Design-Build-Maintain), so we can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Data Center Optimization / Monitoring

Chesapeake Mission Critical with PACKET POWER are the definitive leaders in energy-focused Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM).  This Data Center Optimization Platform delivers tangible return on investment (ROI) for facility managers through verifiable energy savings and paid utility incentives.

Data Center Solutions

Your business data is critical – few organizations can risk less than optimum performance & security from their data center.  Chesapeake Mission Critical helps your company by ensuring your data is available.  The key to any Data Center Solution is to make sure all components work together to optimize performance and improve reliability.

Power Distribution Solutions

Power Distribution is a necessity within every data center.  If done incorrectly the end-user can live with stranded utilities, over congested floor plenums and confusion.  CMC will help you increase efficiency and apply best practices with your power distribution strategy.  Whether AC or DC distribution, Busway or Whips – CMC has the expertise to support your needs.

Precision Cooling Solutions

Your data center’s environmental conditions are just as critical to its performance as any other factor.  By utilizing the latest advancements and technologies in precision cooling, Chesapeake Mission Critical can maintain maximum performance and reliability for your critical loads.

Switch Gear Solutions

Your equipment’s performance is vital, yes, but to maintain optimum performance your system itself needs to be protected. Switchgear solutions protect your sensitive electronic components in worst-case scenarios – power surges, spikes, brownouts, and other power quality problems.

UPS Solutions

Having an uninterrupted power supply protects your organization’s processes even during power quality disturbances.  UPS solutions by Chesapeake Mission Critical are just another step in our company’s commitment to protect your organization’s mission.