Testimonial by: Hughes Network Systems, LLC

John Noppinger at CMC has done a great job handling Hughes’ account in the past 3 years. He has worked diligently with Rittal and Server Technology to make sure that Hughes gets the product it needs in a timely manner. Hughes hopes to continue this business with CMC on current projects as well as any upcoming opportunities in the near future. Great job, keep it up.  
Sim Singh
Senior Buyer
Hughes Network Systems, LLC

Testimonial by: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

When hurricane SANDY hit we were left with 32” of ground water in the below grade switchgear room of one of our Cancer Research Buildings. Even though we were able to kill the power to the gear before the water got to it, the damage to our transfer switches was unavoidable. We needed to get power restored and the transfer switches replaced immediately.

I called Greg Maheux at Chesapeake Mission Critical, explained our situation and before the ink was dry on the PO they had the equipment ordered and quick shipped. The switches were installed and functioning well before I ever imagined. I was impressed with their persistence and attention to detail. They were a welcome bright spot in an otherwise dire situation. I was able to concentrate on other issues due to the confidence level their whole crew provided during the event. We’ve used them many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Stephen D Jacobs
Assistant Director, Facilities
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Testimonial by: COPT | Data Center Solutions

It has been a great experience to work with CMC on several successful projects. Their professionalism and relationships has brought the needed confidence we look for when it comes to handling operations in a critical environment like ours.

The Stulz Humidification project was impressive in that they brought in solutions, great engineers, and field technicians that understood our operation and organized the project perfectly.

I look forward to their help in the future!

Mike Sproesser
Chief Mechanical
COPT | Data Center Solutions

Testimonial by: Potomac Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

One of the most helpful customer service reps I have ever dealt with, always willing to support our requests. Whether you know the information off hand or have to do research you provide quick response times-or updates should you be awaiting reply from the factory.

My team and I truly appreciate all of your help and your continued efforts to meet our needs.

Once again, thank you for everything!

Erin Wingo
Service Sales Representative
Potomac Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Testimonial by: Commercial Express HVAC, Inc.

Occasionally we will have customers who take the time to send a Letter of Appreciation for one of our employees. But all too often we run out of time at the end of our day and overlook our best vendors who provide to us exceptional customer service.

But I have been inspired to send a little note about one of your employees. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to experience the excellent customer service skills of Shawn Lundregan. It’s a great representation of not only herself, but also the company she works for.

Chesapeake Mission Critical has become a valued asset over the years in maintaining a very quick response time, which in turn helps Commercial Express HVAC, Inc. satisfy our customer needs in a timely fashion. Shawn has always put the customer first and goes above and beyond by continually exceeding expectations. I cannot ask anymore from a vendor than the way in which she handles our account.

We look forward to many more years of continued growth and mutual success with Chesapeake Mission Critical.

Billy Morgan
Commercial Service Manager
Commercial Express HVAC, Inc.